800+ Pairs Of Shoes Donated To Shoe Drive Organized By Cliff Omoruyi

This past April, Rutgers star center Cliff Omoruyi organized a shoe drive to support his hometown of Benin City, Nigeria. The shoe drive was an instant success on campus.

Over 800 pairs of shoes were donated to Cliff’s shoe drive. Cliff’s brother runs a church in Benin City and will work with a local charity to distribute the shoes to those in an area who need them.
“I was thinking about when I was back home in Nigeria, it was hard for me to find my size,” Omoruyi said. “I wanted to do a giveaway for every kid who also has the dream of playing basketball just to help them out. Also, the less-fortunate people back home, I want to help them too. Getting (kids who love playing basketball) more shoes will be great for them.”

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